About Us

Who We Are

Plymouth Gluten Free Baked Goods is a small bakery out of southeastern Massachusetts. It is our mission to provide our customers who are celiac and have other related gluten sensitivities exceptional gluten-free baked goods.

Our small bakery is run by a team of dedicated bakers who are passionate about what they do. We take very seriously the trust our customers place in us that all our products are exclusively gluten-free,  and we are committed to bringing you the freshest and finest gluten-free baked goods.

How We Do What We Do

We make everything from scratch, in small batches, blending all our own flour mixes never using any mixes from a box. We never add any additives or preservatives — ALL OUR EQUIPMENT IS DEDICATED GLUTEN FREE.

What Sets Us Apart

Plymouth Gluten Free Baked Goods is committed to a mission of making sure our product has no cross contamination; it is at the center of what we do. Everything tastes just as good as it looks, and we often hear it said by our customers that they can’t even tell our products are gluten-free! We take pride in the quality of our baked goods, placing a high priority on great taste and texture which makes for an exceptional, delicious product, which we believe is essential!

Why Choose Us?

We care about you, our customers.  Having struggled through being celiac has caused me to develop exclusively gluten-free delicious and nutritious baked goods that I eat myself and serve to my own family and friends! So please enjoy my gluten-free baked goods as much as we do.  Our Gluten-Free products are designed to make every day more delicious!

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